Improve Your Mind

With blogging, you can set out to learn something new or explore a subject which you may already be quite knowledgable about such as a hobby or pastime you have. It helps to improve your concentration and mental discipline as well as improving your vocabulary and mental filter for significant and important events and phenomena.

Improve Your Skills

Your writting skills will rapidly improve and so will your spelling and typing. Your skills of observation and discernment will improve. You eye and ear for a good story or useful post will be sharpened. The more you talk about your area of interest, the more confident and articulate you become.

Improve Your Environment

Champion a cause that you feel strongly about and help to publicise and raise money for it. Some bloggers have pledged a percentage of their incomes to a charity when launching online courses. If you already do work offline for a charity, you can publicise that and also publicise appeals and initiatives.

Improve Your Income

Writing about and publicising your business through a blog could bring in more customers and potential clients and collaborators. You may be offered a spot of freelance writing or even consultation invites. Other opportunities may include speaking engagements. Publishing opportunities increase.

Help Other People

I've already mentioned helping others through charity work or publicising your good cause; but you may be able to offer help to someone by just being there and telling your story. To many, you may be an inspiration or role model - so reach out and make the world a better place.

Help Change Policy

If you are concerned with social justice, equality and fairness then you may find that starting a blog that exposes bad practice, unfairness or a unjust decision by a public or private body may just shame them into changing their public policies. There are many people who have achieved a real change this way.

Help Your Opportunities

Promote your art, music, your hobbies, your skills and services… promote your business or your ideas and you will draw in a number of interested people who may be able to help further these things and offer opportunities that you never imagined! It can and does happen to many bloggers.

Help to make Yourself Happy

By keeping a blog, you may have inspired, helped or saved someone, Your general sense of well-being is sure to have improved as often it's the selfless actions we take that cause the most happiness. Also, you will be expanding your creativity and this will help to create a more self-actualised person.