Mandala Paintings

The Mandala design itself holds on to a number of design rules and parameters, where there is room for individual development.

A Sanskrit word (मण्डल) Maṇḍala, meaning 'Circle' - so as you would imagine - the overall structure is circular.

The traditional symetry of a mandala is four-fold, containing four 'gateways'. But I feel that any symetry will do the trick! In this way, other avenues of thought - such as Sacred Geometry can more easily come into play.

The Mandala, is in fact, a 'Cosmogram' - a diagram that represents all that is, all that can be, and the entire cosmos in an abstract way.

So the diagram represent not just the self - and the progress of the self (which Jung was so interested in) but also, it represents the family and extended human and animal familly; the town, city, continent or world.

The mandala is a symbol of great religious and philosophical interest. Mandalas of various styles are used in religious practice all over the world. For meditation, initiation, prayer and contemplation.

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