Adobe Illustrator™ Artwork

Vector Graphic Sketches

The slideshow is of a series of various artworks, mainly incorperating vector graphics. I think that every graphic designer enjoys working with vector graphics... indeed - it's the very bread-and-butter of a graphic designers' life. The above work is a combination of freely available vector graphics and vector graphic tools and brushes, and a development of my own vector graphics.

I particularly enjoyed making the portraits: here of Patty Smith (as a convict) and the Beat writer William Burroughs. I plan to produce a few more of these vector portraits.. Using a variety of found images and specialist brushes (and some dingbats of course!) to continue to develop a portfolio of heros and heroines. Other vector graphic projects that I'm working on include a new font/typeface and a special iopan icon font set - incorporating community and disability icons. These projects should be reaching completion in the summer of 2014.

Vector Graphics Resources

There are many vector resourses on the internet, with some great free artwork available. Also good for ideas and inspiration. Listed here are just a few:

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