Putting Art on the Map

A temporary public art commission in celebration of Warwickshire Arts Week 2002
Full documentation of a public art commission. Warwickshire Arts Week 2002. This evaluation report is a document that is intended to give an account of my experiences, processes and methods undertaken on a public art commission. In this respect, it is aimed at not only the clients or hosts of the commission - but more specifically at artists and non-artists alike, with the desire that it may be of some use in their own creative projects.
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Contextualised Practice: Evaluation Report, Module: A842S3
Produced when I was studying “Art and Social Context” at the University of the West of England, Bristol. A creative response to surveillance: looking at other artist's responses; at the history of surveillance; surveillance and the state; surveillance and panopticism; the development of surveillance technologies. The artwork include a site-specific installation, some photographs and a short film.
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MCAT Gogarburn Report

Movement, Communication and Allied Therapies Unit, Gogarburn Hospital, Edingburgh.
Produced when I was studying “Art and Social Context” at the University of the West of England, Bristol

“…I have seen during this placement that the role of Art within Health Care can be of fundermental benefit to clients and staff and, in fact, to all involved as a new philosophy of creative well being can evolve. The environment this evolution produces takes a great deal of strain from the demands of primary health care. It is ultimately the only way to create a forward looking and integrated care in the community agenda…”

“…I am extremely grateful to the people who helped me to participate with the decoration project at MCAT; for their friendly welcoming attitude and willingness to become involved with the art work. The enthusiasm which the project generated shall, I hope, encourage further projects and help to develop other creative processes. I have also found the project very helpful to my own personal / creative growth…”

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