Here is a sample of the digital mandalas that I've been producing; all of these were made in Adobe Photoshop.

In the construction of the digital mandalas I have followed the same guiding principals as I do with the majority of my painted mandalas:

  • A Central Focus
  • Circular Arrangement of Elements
  • Symetrical Design

It's by following these three primary rules that make the mandala work. The next step — whilst still following these rules — is to choose a polygon to work with, then the mandala will evolve 3,4,5…-fold symetry.

Mandala D000

Mandala D001

Mandala D002

Mandala D003

Mandala D004

Mandala D006

Mandala D008

Mandala D009

Mandala D010

Mandala D011

Mandala D012

Mandala D013

Mandala D014

Mandala D015

Mandala D016

Mandala D017

Mandala D018

Mandala D019

Mandala D020

Mandala D021

Mandala D022

Mandala D023

Mandala D024

Mandala D025

Mandala D026

Mandala D027

Mandala D028

Mandala D029a