Death & Progress

A Series of Illustrations

Similar to the "Visions" paintings, the work in this series was also inspired by periods of psychosis, by my developing 'visual language' and by my beliefs & memories - especially memories of childhood. I produced many, many sketches during the 'manic' phase of bipolar - and I subsequently came back to the sketches some years later, to try and discover if they really had any merit.

I decided to illustrate these images using Adobe Illustrator™ - simply because I wanted to speed up the process of creating a finished piece of work, the acrylic paintings being very time consuming. Whilst I'm reasonably pleased with the results; I do feel that the illustrations lack a certain something that the acrylics have; perhaps it is the notion of uniquness verses reproduction: The "Visions paintings" are all one of a kind; the "Death & Progress" Illustrations are digital and can, therefore, be endlessley reproduced.

★ ioΠαν


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