Portraits (Oils)

All of the paintings in this collection were produced in oils on canvas. The work was done from taking a series of photographs of the subject or subjects and combining the images together. Ie. I took the photographs and worked from them rather than have the subject sit for me.

"Visions" (Acrylics)

The work in this series of paintings was inspired by periods of psychosis (bipolar disorder), by my politics and social views, by exploring my memories and from developing a personal visual language through images & painting style.

Mandalas (Acrylic & Emultion)

A Sanskrit word (मण्डल) Maṇḍala, meaning 'Circle' - so as you would imagine - the overall structure is circular.
The traditional symetry of a mandala is four-fold, containing four 'gateways'. But I feel that any symetry will do the trick! In this way, other avenues of thought - such as Sacred Geometry can more easily come into play.

Digital Artwork

Digital Mandalas (Photoshop)

Here is a sample of the digital mandalas that I've produced. All of these were made in Photoshop. I followed the same guiding principals as I do with the majority of my mandalas: A Central Focus; Circular Arrangement of Elements; Symetrical Design

Video Mandala (TV Monitor Screen Shot)

Series of stills shown in sequence and taken from the installation during March 1997. The progression shows how the video mandala settles into a ring and them breaks down into a choatic circular form. It is the fractal nature of the feed-back loop that reders the image chaotic, and yet ordered.

"Death & Progress" (Illustrator)

I produced many, many sketches during the 'manic' phase of bipolar - and I subsequently came back to the sketches some years later, to try and discover if they really had any merit.


Oldtown Leamington

Originally known as Leamington Priors, Leamington Spa Old Town was until about 1800 only a small village on the south bank of the river Leam. The mineral springs were known in the Middle Ages, but it was not until 1784 that inhabitants of the village began re-discovering its saline springs.


A series of 'abstractions' of photographs taken with both analog and digital cameras. There is very little post-production work - I have tried to consider abstract elements within the images.

Positive about Disability Posters

One of the most successful photographic projects I've worked on to date was with the group ILEAP (Inclusive Leisure, Education, Activities Project) based in Stratford-upon-Avon. ILEAP are “a charity that promotes independence and friendship for disabled people through inclusive activities.”