• Professional Websites Created : Using technologies like HTML5, CSS3, PHP and JQuery

  • Website Building, Mainenance and Content Management Training : Wordpress, Dreamweaver and HTML/CSS Training.

  • All kinds of Photoshop work carried out. Ensuring you maintain excellent graphics.

  • All kinds of Vector Graphics undertaken such as Logos, Diagrams and Illustrations.

  • Forms, Reports, CVs, Invitations and all other DTP work.

  • Magazines, Training Manuals and Periodicals.


Website Design

Are you looking for web design services? Would you like to have a neat, stylish site which is set up to work well with search engines and has excellent usability and accessability? I have many years experience of web design and have created numerous sites which have propelled my client's businesses and organisations to the next level. As a web enthusiast, I am always on the look-out for developing technologies, guidelines and best-practice.

I also provide training in Wordpress if you wish to manage the content of the site yourself. For budding web designers, I can offer training in HTML and CSS and I can offer advice and assistance with your SEO stratergy too. All of my sites are built responsively and have a Google analytics account so that you can develop your online strategy.

As mobile web browsing has become so much more popular in recent years (and it now accounts for more than half of web traffic) I test all of my sites to be mobile-friendly, in fact I often work from a mobile-first perspective ensuring that content is presented in an interesting way. There are a number of challenges when designing for non-pc based platforms and there is a general trend for websites to have a similar look and feel as apps. Certainly, web design is becoming more simple in style and more intuitive and user-aware.

Graphic Design

Your Graphic Design should be clear and accessible to convey your message; but also there is a lot of room for creativity and style. I have studied art and design for decades and as well as having a natural talent and flare for design, I have studied design principles, typographic standards, colour theory and follow with interest various layout trends and changing graphic design practices.

So, if you're looking to re-brand your products or services; have an advertisment designed; change your company colours, font, logo; design flyers or a poster for an event; or if you wish to launch a promotion or newsletter; then come and have a free consultation with me and we'll see how we can create something memorable together.

For graphic design to truly 'work' then it needs to appear effortless. Over-complicated or cluttered design will discourage your potential customers who don't want to go to the trouble of sifting through visual information. I employ a series of techniques which are proven to draw relevence to the key aspects of your message, whilst ensuring that all information is presented clearly and with appropriate relevence. I have already done the leg-work, so you can enjoy the rewards of practical visual communication.


Creative Arts

Most of my artworks are paintings. Although I enjoy working in all media: pencil, charcoal, pastels, clay, etc. I undertook a lengthy period of art education concluding with a degree in art & social context. Within my art practice I have had numerous joint and individual shows, exhibiting both figurative and abstract work. I am a competant portrait painter and I have been comissioned to produce a lot of work in this style. Working from life, or working from photograhs, I accept comissions for unique works - as well as selling artwork of my own. If you would like to commision me to do a painting, or work in other media then do please contact me to discuss your ideas and my fee.

Within my career as an artist, I have produced numerous mural paintings but I can work on both a large and small scale, following carefully (and thoroughly researching) any comission brief or instructions.

What I have found most rewarding is my community art work. This has involved working with a variety of different groups of people on a diverse series of projects, often in conjunction with an artist's residency. There is something most satisfying when a person who never really considered themselves to be very creative, develops artwork that they can feel truly proud of.